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SmartLegalForms®, Inc., (formerly Epoq, US, Inc.) based in Baltimore, Maryland, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is a leading provider of web-enabled smart legal forms and documents to consumers, small businesses, and institutions.

SmartLegalForms® and legal documents are powered by Rapidocs®, an award-winning proprietary document automation technology which has as its core an "intelligence engine". This "intelligence engine" enables our "smart" legal forms and documents to conform to an individual user's circumstances.

From estate planning to divorce, name change, business formation and agreements, human resources documents and the other 450+ automated legal forms and documents distributed via our highly specific web sites, SLF is demonstrating the power of self-help legal software delivered over the Internet.

Our Work

We sell our SmartLegalForms® directly to consumers and small business through our own network of retail web sites listed here.

For law firms we provide our DirectLaw web service that is a hosted virtual law firm platform for solos and small law firms that enables them to offer legal services on-line without a large capital investment. DirectLaw enables a law firm to have an interactive and dynamic web site that connects with clients. The DirectLaw Directory of Virtual Law Firms  is a Directory of law firms using our DirectLaw virtual law firm platform which have the capacity of delivering online legal services. 

We also  provide our SmartLegalForms and other legal information services, to financial institutions, non-profit associations and other customer-facing organizations to enable them to provide web-based legal solutions to their customers and clients as a value-added benefit.

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